Marketing Advertising Jobs – How to Know If Marketing Advertising Is Right for You

Even though there are plenty of marketing advertising jobs in the market these days which are apparently lucrative, you have to decide whether you are cut out for the challenges ahead. Marketing advertising is one of the most popular advertising jobs available these days. You can find them from a simple search on the internet and short list companies and positions you think would be suitable for your skill and experience.

Check market preparedness

Find out if you can go after your target audience with a great advertising campaign. If you think you are not too sure, then you are not prepared to take up sales advertising jobs right away. Instead of relying on generic ads, you have to be focused and cater to the niche market straight away. Ask yourself whether you are able to speak the language and grab the attention of prospective customers right from the time you join up.

Brand image

Can you establish an image? Many top products that have stood the test of time and have remained popular down the ages are based on a brand image. Consumers can instantly identify them from the image or the logo on the packaging. The packaging has been the same ever since they were introduced in the market decades ago. Can you aim at doing something like that or do you have it in you to map the minds of consumers and get them hooked to your targeted campaign and image?

Can you budget?

Can you create a balance between the campaign and the budget allocated? If you spend too much money unnecessarily in advertising jobs, you could be asked for an explanation from your boss. After all, your clients would want the best stuff for the least possible cost. From a bookkeeping point of view, the campaign should be cost effective. It should not go over the roof or be too low for meeting expenses on the way. Marketing advertising firms like to pare down their costs to make more profits from a real good campaign for their clients.

Spreading ads

Do you know the right places for advertising? Can you effectively spread the ads in TV programs, radio stations and print mediums where they would quickly reach customers belonging to your niche market? These are vital areas for succeeding in sales advertising jobs. If you are going to appear for an interview, the people at the other side of the table would be interested to know if you are equipped to handle the stuff right from the first day you take up the appointment.

Be focused and find out answers to these vital questions which will help figure out a targeted approach toward the marketing job in advertising you are looking for. If you can do some home work and prepare beforehand, you would be the first to be picked up by the employers for marketing advertising jobs.

Small Business Marketing Advertising – Making Print Advertising Work For Your Business

Print advertising has always played a key role in small business marketing advertising. Newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, even yearbooks all have advertisements printed on them. If you have made an advertisement for printing before, your advertiser may have given you specific prices for different standard sizes. This is what they call display ads.

While display ads may be a good advertising tool for your small business marketing, if you just follow the most common and “standard” procedures of advertising your product, then you will likely end up with a boring, bland, or worse, bad, advertisement. Your ad will just end up blending and looking very much like the ad of your competitor.

How can this be?

The answer is really very simple. Because people tend to copy what the majority are doing. So plumbing services all have pipes in their ads, electrical hardware stores all have the same layouts, hotel ads have the same pictures and your small business may have incorporated what your “peers” in the business are using also. In the end, you are just another tree in the forest. And in this age of information overload, people have already learned how to ignore advertising.

Unfortunately, most so-called experts in print advertising really have no training in advertising at all and will probably just give you an offer on what the standard layouts are. And you can rightfully assume that these layouts are just based on what they have been receiving from their clients. The main purpose of having a standard layout is so that your ad will have the same look and feel as the other ads printed on the paper and therefore blend nicely with the others. But that’s exactly the problem! Your ad will just look and feel the same as any other ad.

So what you should do?

Simple. Be original. Make your ad stand out from among the other trees in the forest. Part of the strategies you will always hear in small business marketing is to keep your advertisements interesting and original so that your target audience will be interested in what you have laid out and printed. So what if your ads don’t look like the usual ads. That’s exactly the point here. You want your ads to be different and original.

Think outside of the box. There are literally thousands of great advertising ideas out there which have not yet been tapped and can give you an edge among your competitors. There is always a better way of delivering your message across your target audience aside from the traditional methods of putting your name, what you do and how “fair” you are with your “quality” service and “affordable” price. This could be true to your small business, but always remember that the words “fair”, “quality” and “affordable” or “cheap” have been used so many times that most customers have learned to be skeptical of them.

Have you ever tried monitoring your ads?

Here are a couple of good question for you: Have you ever monitored the success or failure of your print advertisements? How do you determine if it’s effective or not? If you have a small business and you want to keep track of your expenses, then you should be able to track advertising expenses also. So try maximizing direct response techniques in your small business marketing.

While it is a good idea to put your name on the ad, make sure that it is not the first thing people will see. In direct response advertising, a headline that catches the attention of the viewer should occupy the biggest space in the ad. Make a headline that would require a customer to make a decision within a few seconds after seeing your ad. And the most important decision would be: Should I go on reading this ad or not? Do not overly emphasize the name of your product in print advertising and making it the biggest part of your ad. This is because customers do not really care about the name of the product, they care about what they can get from the product. Instead of giving them the features, emphasize on the benefits!

What has this got to do with monitoring? You can simply ask your customer where they got their information. If you have already done an ad with your product name as the biggest headline, you can compare the customer response with your new ad which emphasizes the product benefits. If this is your first time to go on print advertising, then you can easily monitor the results.

Print advertising is an investment in your small business marketing advertising. You should carefully study your strategies in selling your product via print media. By simply following the tips above, then this investment need not become an unnecessary expense.

Online Network Marketing Advertising Strategy

What I mean by advertising here is not just that: advertising. What I mean is more to “Think Marketing Communications” rather than simply “Think Advertising”.

Therefore, probably I should change the title of this article into: “Online Network Marketing Advertising & Marketing Communications Strategy”. Sounds better, right?

Ok, let’s move on.

It is to create a bond between YOU–not the program–and your downlines or your prospects. It is to build you as a Brand. As an Online Network Marketing Brand that gives meaningful values for your customers.

In this strategy, you have to cover the following points:

1) MARKETING OBJECTIVE – You need to set-up the amount of income you aim to get at the end of the year after you run your Advertising and Marketing Communications Campaign. For example, your Marketing Objective can be:

“Earn at least $10,000 monthly residual income or $120,000 annually”.

2) ADVERTISING AND COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVE – The difference between this and point number 1 is Marketing Objective is talking about numbers. About achievement money wise. Advertising and Marketing communications Objective is talking about what happens in your customers’ minds after being exposed to your campaign.

For example:

A) Build awareness of you as a successful Network Marketer in your customers’ minds. An expert whose advices should be followed to succeed.

B) Build your name as a trusted “BRAND NAME” in the Online Network Marketing industry.

C) Build positive rapport and make your prospects or downlines perceive you as their “profit source”.

D) Convince your prospects that to join and stay with the program you offer is a smart and profitable choice.

You see, the basic content in the point #2 of this strategy is first arising Awareness, second generating Interest, third provoking Desire, fourth motivating Action and the last building Loyalty. In short, it’s AIDAL. (A slight improvement of the old AIDA theory.)

3) TARGET AUDIENCE – Here you should clearly understand who you are talking to. It depends on the products and services offered by the program you join. If the program you join offers Autoresponder Accounts, Leads, and Web Design Templates, for example, then the Target Audience of your Advertising and Marketing Communications campaign are Internet Marketers, Network Marketers and people who want to profit from their Internet Marketing and Network Marketing activities. If your program offers Diet Pills, then your target audience are overweight people. But don’t stop there. Dig deeper. Dive into their minds and try to find out what their worries, needs or wants are. In short, try to know them just like you know yourself.

4) BENEFITS – Why should people join the programs? And why should they join under you? Based on your knowledge about your Target Audience, first, list down the benefits of the programs that will appeal most to them. Once you’ve done that, think that your competitors are not only people who promote other programs but also those who promote the same program you join. Therefore, you should provide added benefits for your prospects, so they’ll get more values to join a program under you than under anyone else.

For example:

“If you join under me, I’ll personally help you so you’ll get at least 3 Paid Downlines in 30 days.”

5) SUPPORTS – Convince your Target Audience that they will get the benefits as promised. State here your arguments that will back-up your claims at point number 4.

For example:

“In the past, I’ve personally helped hundreds of my downlines to earn between $750 and $11,000 monthly residual income. Click here to see their testimonials. They are real.”

6) POSITIONING – Here you are talking about how you want your Target Audience to perceive your program and, more important, YOU in their minds. If your program provides excellent products and services needed and wanted by millions of people world wide, you might position it as “a cash machine that lasts” and you can position yourself as “a certified technician that can teach people how to operate that machine the best way for the best results”.

7) TONE AND MANNER – This is about how you deliver your messages to your Target Audience in your campaign. It’s about the way you talk to them. You can be Authoritative, Factual and Full of Confidence, if you already succeed with your program and you want your Target Audience to follow your path to be as successful as you are. But you can also be Helpful, Friendly, and Resourceful, when you just start your campaign and haven’t had worth mentioning results yet.

8) CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES – List down here the advertising and marketing communications activities you’d like to do to Build Your Name as a Trusted Brand Name in the Network Marketing industry and to promote your program to your target audience, for example:

– Writing articles and submit them to appropriate ezines and article directories.

– Google AdWords Campaign

– Solo Ads in appropriate ezines

– Forum posting

– You name it.

I always believe that “Once a great strategy is done, a great Advertising and Marketing Communications campaign is half done”. So, once you’ve done writing your own strategy, congratulations! You’ve reached half of your Network Marketing success. The other half is to implement this strategy to the fullest. And that’s the topic of the next article.